Wendy Ann C. Mansilla


MSc. Digital Media at the ISNM - International School of New Media, University of Lübeck; BSc. Industrial Engineering

Ph.D Student / Research Fellow at Q2S, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim under the supervision of Andrew Perkis, PhD. and Touradj Ebrahimi, PhD.

eMail: wendy (dot) mansilla (at) Q2S (dot) ntnu (dot) no


Research Background


Quality of Service (QoS) or Quality of Experience (QoE) is a broad discipline, dealing not only in measuring and understanding the optimum user`s subjective degree of performance and satisfaction when consuming multimedia services and applications, but also with human factors that largely affect human perception. She believes that the multimedia systems that create a broader impact on humanity, are the ones that are produced in collaboration with both disciplines of science and art.


Going back on the ancient term, "techne," which means application of art, including the sciences. Art and science, which was once inseparable in the construction and transformation of knowledge, human experience and the society as a whole, have since gradually estranged from each other. Bridging the divide, in her research domain, she treats multimedia and interactive systems as digital works of art, where technology, empirical validation (science), aesthetics, and concepts (art) play essential roles in enhancing and understanding human experiences.


To explore on new concepts and to discover how it functions and creates an impact with interactive multimedia contents, she develops applications or art installations. In her works, she employed principles like stylistic use of colours, delaying the source of sounds (acousmetre), personal relevance, perceived personal distance (aura), and embodiment. She observed, through empirical validations, that these principles which are only employed in traditional works of art, are effective in directing the sensation and perception of an interactive multimedia consumer.